There’s a saying that wine is a story that unfolds in your glass.

Philly Wine Cru’s story unfolds as a celebration of Philly’s wine culture, spreading the word on the Next Great Glass.

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We’re missing you this spring, since we had to postpone our Opening Corks celebration and the eight days of Philly Wine Week that traditionally follow.

As you may know, we adopted a new name this year, and with that came a strengthened mission to bring you wine news and events, and highlighting our members all year round. Dealing with COVID-19’s life-changing effects has been tough for everyone, and it pains us to see that many of our members are currently closed for business. However, we do want to support those who remain open for wine sales, or food take-out and delivery, or merchandise sales and other specials.

Please visit our Venues page to find out more about who is open and selling wine and food and more right now.

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Stay safe and drink well!