There’s a saying that wine is a story that unfolds in your glass.

Philly Wine Cru’s story unfolds as a celebration of Philly’s wine culture, spreading the word on the Next Great Glass.

Eight years ago founders Bill Eccleston and Kate Moroney Miller brought together 22 bars and restaurants to create a week of 80 events. Today, our Opening Corks venue and Wine Week is a highly anticipated event in the city hosting over 70 members and hundreds of events.

In early 2020 our growth created a need to expand from one week to 52 and we became Philly Wine Cru. We are excited about opportunities to learn and enjoy wine in smaller more intimate special occasions throughout the year along with our signature Philly Wine Week. The mission remains the same: to bring together the consumer’s interest in enjoying and learning about wine with the region’s great restaurants, bars, tourism, and fine wine retail shops.

Philly Wine Cru is a 501c(6). We support not only education and promotion of wine, but also the generosity of the wine industry in contributing to causes such as aid to Sonoma and Australia fires, Broad Street Ministry, Philadelphia Boys & Girls Club and others.

So, we invite you to join Philly Wine Cru’s story and discover your Next Great Glass!